Let´s be kind to each other

Let´s be kind to each other
Dear colleagues,

working as a team is essential for achieving our goals. Mutual help, support, and a joint focus on results. This is what we need. But on the other hand, our differences can inadvertently cause several problems in the team.

We care about making the working environment as pleasant as possible. For all of us. That's why we think it is important to remind ourselves what is desirable in the workplace and what is not. We are introducing our internal educational campaign aimed at avoiding inappropriate behaviour of any type. Why now? It's never too late to learn.

We do not want to offend anyone with this campaign. Nor do we want to point a finger at anyone. The campaign is intended to communicate the principles that are essential at METRO.


The campaign makes an appeal to the fact that we want to be fair and united in how we treat our colleagues. The campaign says we have zero tolerance for:

  • sexual harassment
  • alcohol in the workplace
  • slandering or mocking colleagues
  • disrespecting privacy or one's worldview
  • workplace bullying

Let’s not forget that no one has the right to comment negatively on someone's appearance or physical disproportions. Sexual orientation or health status is a uniquely personal matter for each of us. The visuals that are part of the campaign can be seen in the internal parts of METRO. They are meant to be a reminder of what is tolerated and what is not.

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If you feel the need to report that you or a colleague is being wronged, you can do so in the following ways:

A written notification marked with the name and surname of the responsible person, who in this case is Zuzana Bartová (hereinafter referred to as the Responsible Person), shall be submitted to the Responsible Person via the reception desk at the employer's headquarters. The reception desk is obliged to hand over the notification to the Responsible Person without delay.

Verbal notification may be made through the Responsible Person in the form of minutes.

If a notification is received by e-mail and received by a person other than the Responsible Person, that person shall immediately forward it to the Responsible Person for processing.



We're all just human and we make mistakes. Often, we may not react appropriately under the influence of various circumstances. However, we spend a large part of our lives at work. Therefore, let us make it more enjoyable by being kind and polite.

Dear colleagues, on behalf of the entire management of METRO Slovakia, thank you for your understanding and efforts to do things better.
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