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METRO Cash & Carry SR

Čo je METRO?

METRO Cash & Carry SR is a wholesaler with a wide range of goods that provides services

exclusively to registered customers, business entities (individuals and legal persons). After registration the customer receives an entry card which entitles him to shop at METRO.

We operate 6 wholesale centers in the Slovak Republic. The majority of the offered range of goods is made up of food, much of which, especially fresh food, is available only in METRO stores. Our range of products and packaging is designed primarily for the needs of our main customer groups in the Horeca and retail categories. For customers from other groups, we offer a complete range of office equipment among other things. 

METRO Cash & Carry SR s.r.o. - Basic information

METRO Cash & Carry SR was established as a subsidiary of SHV Makro. By the 1st of January 1998, the company METRO AG had taken over all of the wholesale activities of SHV Makro in Europe.

METRO Cash & Carry CR has six wholesale centers in the Slovak Republic. All have a total area of approximately 7,500 m2.
These centers are focused on the wholesale sale of a wide range of food and non-food consumer goods to registered businesses, particularly traders and companies engaged in catering. They are an attractive place for shopping both for retailers and for wholesalers and also for major consumers such as government bodies, schools, hospitals and other institutions. This is reflected in the packaging of food - more consumer-sized packaging in foil for retailers and larger volumes for catering.

We issue customer cards to registered entrepreneurs (natural and legal persons) allowing them to enter not only all METRO Cash & Carry SR stores but also to the entire Makro / Metro network in other countries. Customers can apply for a maximum of two cards registered in the name of the holder. The customer, i.e. the owner or the legal representative of the company or organization, can decide which two representatives receive the customer cards.

High turnaround goods, operating performance, a limited number of stores, advanced logistics and direct sales of large volumes allow METRO Cash & Carry SR to sell goods at the best possible wholesale prices.

The concept of Cash & Carry

• Cash & Carry = "pay in cash and carry away"
• self-service wholesale only for registered customers - businesses
• everything under one roof - 33,000 items of food and consumer goods
• high quality at low prices
• our own brands - a guarantee of high quality at the best price (Aro, Horeca Select ...)

METRO Cash & Carry SR = ideal partner for retailers, catering and other professionals.

The Cash & Carry system is a successful and internationally proven form of self-service wholesale for businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to shop in the shortest possible time – i.e. truly "pay cash and carry away", as the translation of the Cash & Carry suggests - and mainly for the lowest possible prices.
METRO Cash & Carry SR offers small and medium-sized traders, food catering operators and other businesses the choice of a wide range of food and non-food items from one easily accessible location, which allows them to reduce their stocks and storage space and thus reduce costs. 16,000 kinds of high quality fresh food and 17 000 items of consumer goods which are continuously renewed and modified based on the customer structure, enables retailers to build their own individual range of goods and thus distinguish themselves from their competitors. They can benefit from advantages such as our flexible service, rapid response to customer requirements and in particular our personal approach, which no other large retailer can offer.
METRO Cash & Carry SR therefore does not compete with retail traders but on the contrary, it is a partner and helps them compete for the attention of final consumers with large stores. The prices for small and medium-sized businesses in METRO Cash & Carry SR offer them the chance to compete on a rapidly changing market.